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Oxford Recording Society

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Creating a student-led music industry in Oxford 

For journalists, Oxford has student newspapers. For politicians, Oxford has the union and countless other societies dedicated to debate and policy. For future musicians or people interested in the music industry, there is currently nothing.


The Oxford Recording Society aims to create what is desperately needed, and will act as both a student-led mini music industry in Oxford, and a new hub for the wider music industry in Oxford that will shift Oxford’s music scene from the current classical/jazz focus to a wider scene that reflects the tastes of all the students at Oxford. We plan to create and coordinate opportunities to engage in all aspects of the music industry, including:


  • The writing, recording, production and performance of music.

  • The release, promotion, management, marketing and business of music.

  • Technical aspects like sound design, mixing and mastering.

  • Album art illustration.

  • The production of music videos.

  • Music journalism.


Inviting music

industry speakers

Perhaps our most attractive goal for members is that we plan to use the Oxford Recording Society as a forum for inviting global speakers from the music industry to give talks at Oxford.


We hope to be able to book a wide variety of speakers from different genres and sectors of the music industry. Some sorts of speakers that we'd like to invite are:

  • Film & TV composers

  • Music & label executives

  • Producers and songwriters

  • Some of your favourite music artists (from many genres)


Members of the ORS will get full free access to all of these talks. So if you've ever wanted to hear talks from some prominent music people including music artists, become a member!

Providing professional music opportunities

Performance/Gigs: Members will get opportunities to take part in professional gigs in proper venues with proper equipment. We want to build relationships with Oxford venues (O2 Academy, Bullingdon, etc.) to get gig opportunities for members. We will also have a termly busking schedule to allow members to play for the public in various parts of the city and many open mic nights - all sound equipment will be provided.

Writing/Recording: We will strongly encourage collaboration between members, organising songwriting collaboration sessions and jam sessions, and helping you find friends and songwriting partners to write with.  We will also make sure members have access to opportunities to record and produce music. By forging connections with music studios in Oxford, we hope to provide you opportunities to make music with proper equipment in professional studios - with professional producers and session musicians as well. We plan to run several studio sessions throughout term. 

Video: Music & video often work hand in hand in the music industry and so this is an area we would like to focus on too. We will run various youtube series allowing members to film or take part in professional live performance videos of covers and originals, as well as in the production of music videos. 

Female Singer and Bass Guitar

Connecting Oxford musicians

Facilitating a music scene among students doesn’t work at all without collaboration between students at Oxford. We will make it one of our goals to facilitate this collaboration so that we can help combine the strengths of everyone to make and perform really good music.  As a member, if you are a singer/songwriter we’ll help you find students who produce music and vice versa. If you are looking for people to play in a band, or to play live, the ORS will help create these connections.

  • An online database on our website with an opt-in system will be available exclusively to members to add themselves and find other musicians who can work on projects with them. 


  • And finally, we’ll hold fun socials and get togethers every term for all the ORS members to meet, as well as jam sessions, collaborative studio sessions and collaborative songwriting sessions to allow so much collaboration between all of us.

Facilities, equipment and resources for music making

We want our members to have everything they need for making and performing music. We recognize that music can be an expensive and resource intensive hobby. The Oxford Recording Society hopes to be able to provide equipment, software, space, human resources and grants to help you be as successful as possible in your music endeavours.


  • One of our goals is to build a collection of useful music hardware/software that can be rented for free by our members.

  • We will invest in live sound equipment so that all our performances opportunities have good sound quality provided.

  • We hope to collaborate with Oxford-based studios and the University to give members rehearsal space and

  • studio time in a professional music studio environment.

  • We will collect a directory of useful people (writers, producers, engineers, etc.) that can help you in your musical projects.

  • Grants will be available to members for certain proposed music projects after review by our committee.

Music Equipment

Organising music workshops

The Oxford Recording Society also wants to form a hub for music industry educational and networking events. We want to give you access to unparalleled talks, lectures, classes and networking meetups with big players in the music industry. We aim to provide talks and educational opportunities about:

  • Songwriting and music recording/performance/production.

  • Writing and producing for film and TV.

  • How to use different music technology (DAWs, synths, microphones, etc.)

  • The engineering, physics and maths behind music recording.

  • Music journalism.

  • Making it in the music industry.

  • "Days in the life" interviews for different music industry careers.

All talks and educational opportunities are provided free for members.

Live Concert

A new social hub for music-based events in Oxford

By building connections with the music industry, we will try to push for more well known artists to do gigs at Oxford venues (and organise these events). We want to bring your favourite artists to Oxford to perform.


All ORS members will get discounted tickets to all of these events and will get a say in the artists we bring to Oxford.

Once the pandemic is over, we will also organise various themed club nights and big nights out that will be free for all ORS members. So if a good night out is what you’re looking for, being an ORS member will give you lots of opportunities for that. 


The overall aim of the ORS through this goal is to become a central hub for Oxford’s music-entertainment industry, and run the biggest music-based night outs in the city.

Colorful Records

Oxford's very own record label for students

The Oxford Recording Society will run our own record label run by students, for students.


Through Ox Records, members will be able to record full pieces of work (singles, EPs, albums, etc.) and have their work published as if it was being released on a big record label. Ox Records will provide you and help you with everything that a regular release should have, such as:


  • Professional opportunities to write, record and perform your work (Ox Records will provide what you need for a musical project such as producers, session musicians, recording engineers, etc.)

  • Professional album art.

  • Releases on Spotify, Apple music and other streaming platforms.

  • Filming of music videos for your work.

  • Concerts and performance opportunities to promote your music.

  • Dedicated promotion of your music.

If you...

and want to...

Play instruments


Make music

Are interested in the music industry

Play covers

Listen to lots of music

Record your work in a proper studio

Get music on spotify

Meet other musicians

Attend talks by your favourite musicians

Perform in Oxford


Attend the best club nights in Oxford